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Do your practice. All is coming.

by Jill Sockman

This came through my inbox this morning: “On the path of transformation, you will experience acceptance, which entails accepting your own inner condition exactly as it is, without reacting to it or defending against it.” Also in the inbox, from a different source: “You can have all good things – wealth, friends, kindness, love to give and love to receive – once you have learned not to be blinded by them, learned to escape from disappointment, and from repugnance at the idea that things are not as you want them to be.” I could also share the Rune du jour, but I’ll spare you, as I think you can grasp today’s Message From The Universe.

What does it even mean? And why did they have to use the word repugnance? My morning trifecta of messages about acceptance and transformation gave me pause to take a look at where I am reactive, what I am defending, where I am blinded, disappointed, repugnant… Okay, so I’ve got that. Now what?

The answer came in a meeting with a student after Sadhana this morning. She’s bright, glowing, on fire with the love of yoga and her practice. “But what about when it’s not doing anything for me?” she asked. The answer is always in the question, and I smiled as it came. The practice is not supposed to do anything for you. The practice is there for you to do, to give, to offer yourself. It’s there for your devotion, your discipline, your persistence. It is in the offering that we are transformed. Not suddenly, with magic wands, but like water over rock. This is the process of practice: Love slowly carving a river for your soul, your body, your life.

Do your practice. All is coming.