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Join us for 40 Days of Yoga!

Wednesday, February 14 – Sunday, March 25

Registration deadline:  February 11

How do we create change? By making a commitment. Sometimes it happens in an instant. Sometimes it happens over a long period of time. But the general consensus is that it takes 40 days to make or break a habit. There is perhaps no habit worthier of cultivation than dedication to self-inquiry.

And so we invite you to join us for 40 Days of Yoga.

Why? There is little we can know for sure in this world but our own wild and complicated inner life. And while it is a life-long task to uncover what lies beneath the surface, perhaps no discipline will serve us better than dedicating ourselves to the excavation of what is hidden inside and tending to the unfolding of all that we are meant to be. How? Recommit to your practice, your community, your own transformation, to walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

What better time than now to unroll your mat, sit down, take a deep breath and dedicate an extended practice to self-study. NOW is the time to make a commitment.

Do it with friends old and new, supported by the blue community. Be a part of making a giant positive energetic shift, personally and as a collective.

What does it involve?

Practice 5 days per week at blue lotus, 1 day per week at home, and take 1 day off each week. Commit to at least 5 minutes per day of meditation at home.

Your 40 Days of Yoga pass at the blue includes:

  • 40 Days of Yoga kick-off — Dharma & Satsang with Jill on Tuesday, February 13
  • 30 classes at blue lotus during 40 Days of Yoga (maximum of one class per day)
  • Yamas & Niyamas workshop with Glenda and Rayneen on Friday, February 16
  • Vision Board workshop with Jen D on Saturday, March 3
  • Three Sunday Morning meditation & check-in sessions (2/18, 3/4, 3/18)
  • Home Practice workshop with Glenda and Rayneen on Friday, March 23
  • Daily Inspirational e-mail from all of your favorite blue teachers to keep you motivated, engaged and inspired throughout the 40 days
  • Social Media support via private Facebook group
  • Community Service project open to all 40 Days of Yoga participants
  • 40 Days of Yoga closing Sadhana and Sound Healing with Jill and Amanda on Sunday, March 25

There will also be special Friday Night offerings and extra Sunday Sadhanas added to the calendar during 40 Days of Yoga for more opportunities to get in your 30 classes!

Commit to 40 Days of Yoga today!

*  $295 registration fee
10- and 50-class pass holders who register will have passes “frozen” during 40 Days of Yoga

*  40 Days at a Distance – $45 For our friends far away, healing, or working too much to participate in full. Receive the daily inspiration and online support only

 $75 registration fee for Annual Members – Annual membership is unaffected.                                                                                 Annual members who register for 40 Days of Yoga gain full access to all exclusive 40 Days of Yoga classes and activities.

Register today to enroll in 40 Days of Yoga at blue lotus!  To complete the process, you must purchase a 40 Days of Yoga class pass online or in the studio. Registration deadline is February 11.

Need more info?

If you have questions about 40 Days of Yoga, please email Katie at blue lotus.