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advanced yoga training faq

300-hour program (bridge to RYT500)

yoga teacher training and immersion workshops for all students

What is the Advanced Training program, and who is it for?
There are three segments of our student population for whom we are offering this program:

  • Dedicated Students – Longtime practitioners of yoga who are not interested in teaching yoga, but who want to dive deeper into the richness of yoga in a way we cannot really explore in regular classes.
  • Yoga Teachers, continuing education – Teachers at any level, of every style, who understand the importance of always being a student and enriching their own practice and enhancing their teaching skills. Also appropriate for those who need YTT200 CEU to keep their Yoga Alliance status current.
  • RYT200 Certified Teachers – YTT200 certified teachers who would like to complete the additional 300 training hours for RYT500 certification and who want an in-depth training to take their practice and teaching to the next level.

What is the difference between required and elective hours?
This applies only if you are completing the training for YTT300.  In this case there are seven required modules, which can be completed in any order:

  • Refine & Align
  • Anatomy Essentials
  • Seva:  Yoga in Action – Off the Mat into the World
  • Teaching Skills Exploratorium: Practicum for Teachers
  • The Power of Silence:  Weekend of Reflection
  • Satsang:  Finding Yourself in Community
  • Yoga Therapeutics

These seven modules represent the required portion of the 300 hours. They are not a smattering of weekend yoga classes, but rather are what we believe to be the core foundation for a solid yoga instructor of any style: alignment and body reading, applied anatomy, concentrated teaching skills, meditation and pranayama, service, therapeutics and community.

You collect the additional hours in elective workshops, series classes, and even retreats offered throughout the year at blue lotus. If a workshop provides YTT300 credit hours for participation, you’ll see YTT300 – x hours at the bottom of the course description on the blue lotus online WebScheduler, where you register for the class.  A maximum of 30 hours may be earned from a teacher or studio outside of blue lotus, and it must be pre-approved.

And what if I am not interested in certification?
Then you have the freedom to take only the segments you are interested in- there is no application process or registration other than simply signing up for a workshop!  Some segments, such as Teaching Skills Exploratorium: Practicum for Teachers, Therapeutic Yoga, and Refine & Align have significant teaching-related components.  Other modules have no teaching component whatsoever.  If you have questions about a specific workshop, please contact us.

How do we track hours?
If you have registered with us for YTT300, we track the hours for you.  If you are taking a module for continuing education, you will be issued a certificate, upon request, and there is nothing further to track.

What is the application process for YTT300?
It is really more a registration than an application.  If you are registered with Yoga Alliance as RYT200, you are automatically “accepted” into the program.  To begin collecting hours, send a letter or e-mail to us including your contact information (name, address, phone, email, emergency contact and relevant current health status), a copy of your YTT200 certificate if you did not train at blue lotus, and a check for $25 to cover administration. Again, please note that hour counting begins with registration.  No back hours are given for trainings completed before registration.

How long does it take to complete the program?
On the short side, you can finish the program in 18-24 months, depending on when you start and what modules you take.  On the long side, you may take up to four years to finish.  Either way, you must complete a minimum of 30 hours of training at blue lotus each year to keep your registration active.

When does it start?
There is no set start date for the program.  You may take one module in isolation for your own enrichment, take every module, or pick and choose workshops and trainings that interest you.  There is no enrollment or registration process unless you are interested in YTT300 certification.

What if I can’t attend the entire weekend?
RYT200CEU credit is offered for partial weekend attendance.  YTT300 credit is offered only for completing the weekend in its entirety, including any related assignments, in the timeframe given.  If you cannot complete the whole weekend and are on track for YTT300, we recommend you wait until the next time that module is offered.

Must I have YTT200 certification to participate?
Many modules are open to all dedicated students, regardless of training.  In the workshop description it will be clearly indicated if YTT200 is a pre-requisite.

How often are the required modules offered?
The longer modules are offered every other year. Most modules are offered annually.

Can I get credit for training I have done in the past?
No.  We feel that continuing education is a lifetime of work.  All the training you have done is beneficial and has helped to get you to where you are now.  Hour counting for YTT300 begins with your registration. Please note that aside from the seven required modules, any workshop or series you completed at blue lotus before registration WILL NOT COUNT toward certification.

So I understand there are seven (7) required modules and then additional elective hours.  Can I get these elective hours somewhere other than blue lotus?
You may receive credit for a maximum of 30 elective hours outside of blue lotus, as long as they are from a pre-approved source.  Those who live outside of the Triad-to-the-coast region may collect a maximum of 60 elective hours outside of blue lotus.

Once I have completed the seven (7) required modules and additional elective hours, including related assignments, what is the process for certification?
If you have registered with us, we will track your hours for you- so there is nothing to collect along the way. However, you must collect certificates for outside pre-approved training, should you choose to do that.  When you are ready to complete the process, we will arrange your final assessment.

The fee for certification process is $100, and you must complete:

  • Final Teaching Assessment
  • Proficiency with oral recitation of the student-teacher invocation, Gayatri, Mahamrityunjaya, and Asatoma mantras
  • Completion of practice journal, including:
    • meditation practice worksheet for the duration of your training – minimum of 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week
    • asana practice worksheet for the duration of your training – minimum of 30-minute sessions, 3 days per week (at home)
    • 40-day mantra or dedicated meditation practice journal, completed during the training
    • 100 documented teaching hours over the course of your training
    • 15 hours of documented assisting in RYT500 classroom (ideally in workshops or YTT200 setting)

I really just want to do this for personal development. What are the requirements?
Ultimately, certification is just a piece of paper, and there are no requirements if you are participating in modules for your own personal development.  If you are not looking for formal certification the amount of outside work, daily practice, reading, and writing assignments you complete is entirely up to you.  However, if you change your mind in the future, you will have to re-take incomplete modules in their entirety in order to receive credit.

Do you offer financial aid for YTT300?
Although we have work-trade and partial scholarships for our YTT200 program, at this time we do not offer financial aid for YTT300, as it is a pay-as-you-go system.  We do, however, offer an Early Bird discount for most modules, which can provide you savings if you can plan your participation in a module at least 30 days prior to its start.

What is the schedule?
The program is an open system — you can take any module, in any order.  Required modules will be offered at regular intervals and are indicated with ** before the title. For module details and to register, please visit our online WebScheduler. Early bird discounts apply for up to one month prior to the start date. For the current list of offerings, visit Advanced Training.

Have more questions?
Please contact Kathleen at blue lotus!