Is suffering optional?

by Leilani Walker

Is suffering optional? Most of us are conditioned to believe we must suffer as part of the human experience, but, thankfully, as yogis, our practice gives us a glimpse of another possibility.

surrenderThe key to a life free of suffering is the willingness to practice surrender. Courageously surrendering everything – all that we think we are, all that we love, all that we despise, all of our treasures, our pleasures and our pain, with an unwavering faith that divine grace holds us. That is the key to moving from suffering toward divine perspective, from darkness to light. The closer we are to having divine perspective, the more clarity we have regarding what serves us and what does not.

Set an intention to live surrender. Every day. Every moment. When you find yourself clinging, open up your hands. You are not your successes. You are not your pain. You are not your name or any label or any role you play. Allow yourself to be limitless, undefined, receptive, open, and you will realize the truth of who you are. You will discover your essence flooded with the light of divinity.