200-hour training

the blue lotus yoga immersion and teaching intensive 200-hour ONLINE training program

September through April

The depth and breadth of yoga cannot be experienced in a day, a week, or a year. It is a journey traveled over the course of a lifetime. Our yoga immersion and teacher training program is designed to show you more than a series of postures and how to teach them. Rather, it is our intention to help you find your own sadhana, your own truth, through a process of inquiry as unique as you.

This program is a journey of self-study and practice — an exploration of your own thoughts, emotions and world views. As you cultivate inner awareness, you will come to see that only by living in the heart can we truly thrive – in work, play, relationships; as a student, as a teacher.

We hope you’ll join us as we dive deep into the flow of grace that is Vinyasa yoga, and rest peacefully in the stillness of restorative practices.

For more information, please review the schedule below, read our Teacher Training FAQ, and check out our reviews on Yoga Alliance!

monthly modules

blue lotus is a Yoga Alliance RYS 200 and 500 Registered Yoga School and this program exceeds all requirements in all categories for yoga teacher registration at the 200-hour level.

Morning Sadhana and afternoon Orientation to the program – 2-hour session to meet your fellow trainees and set a course for the months ahead.

October – Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm
A Solid Foundation: The Krishnamacharya lineage; Introduction to asana technique and teaching methodology; Intro to the 8 limbs of Raja Yoga; Working through the kleshas; Finding your voice

November – Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm
Finding Balance: Energetic anatomy and the chakras; Asana technique and teaching practice with the open hip postures; Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutras; Ayurvedic principles for balanced living

December – Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm
Healthy Boundaries: Sequencing theory, The square hip poses, Intro to pranayama and the subtle body; Intro to restorative yoga; The principles and practice of grounding and self-care

January – Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm
The Yoga of Integrity: Sequencing theory; Inclusivity: Right speech and action; Sanskrit & the Yoga Sutras; Ethics in teaching- on and off the mat

February – Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm
Yoga as a Healing Practice: Embodying the yoga; Working with injury and illness; Modifying asana for every body; Yoga & Social Justice

March – Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm
Everyday Devotion: Dharma: listening and living with integrity; Bhakti Yoga theory and practice; Sanskrit & the Yoga Sutras; The Living Gita

April – Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm
Living with intention and purpose: Purpose, service and living a life of meaning; Final teaching practice; The art of teaching more than asana; Skillful online teaching; The business of yoga and final Q&A

May – Saturday-Sunday
Completing the Circle: Written Evaluations

Those trainees seeking RYT-200 status must schedule a final teaching assessment ($215 not included in course fee) in May or June, following written evaluations.

pay online

If you have been accepted into the program, please make payment here.

more information

For more information and instructions on how to apply, please visit our FAQ or contact Kathleen at blue lotus.

200-hour program
(RYS 200)

What are the qualifications for applying to the program?

You must have had a regular and consistent Vinyasa yoga practice for at least one year prior to applying. If you have taken fewer than 10 classes with one of our staff teachers, we will request a letter of recommendation from your current teacher OR we will request that you take at least 10 classes with one of our instructors before the program begins.

How do I apply?

Complete our online application. A $400 deposit is required with your application.

After I send the application, what can I expect?

You’ll receive confirmation of acceptance into the program within two weeks of application receipt. Within 10 days of receiving this confirmation, you must provide the $400 deposit if you have not done so already. Your place in the program is not secure until the deposit has been paid; if there is a wait list, your space will be released to a waiting applicant if you have not submitted your deposit in the requested 10 days. Once you have paid your deposit and provided a letter of recommendation (if applicable), we will send your enrollment agreement and student information, including the book list, assignment details, directions, and local information if you are not from the area. The balance of your tuition is due in full by September 1, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Who are the teachers for the program?

Is this an interdisciplinary approach to yoga training?

No. The interdisciplinary approach seeks to offer students exposure to a wide range of styles. In contrast, we invite you to dive deep into the Krishnamacharya lineage of alignment-based Vinyasa yoga and the complementary restorative practices. We feel this “narrow and deep” approach to study better prepares you both to teach and to deepen your own practice.

What are the dates for the training?

Our online program is a combination of weekend modules (Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm) one weekend per month and weeknight series classes. Please see the detailed schedule below.

MONTHLY MODULES Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm

September 26, 2021 (opening sadhana and orientation)
October 9-10, 2021
November 6-7, 2021
December 4-5, 2021
January 8-9, 2022
February 5-, 2022
March 5-6, 2022
April 2-3, 2022
April 30 – May 1, 2022 (written evaluations)Those wishing to pursue RYT200 status will also need to schedule a final teaching assessment in May. This is not included in course tuition ($215).
May 2, 2022 Closing circle

October: Wednesday, 10/20 from 6-8pm
November: Wednesday, 11/17 from 6-8pm
December: Wednesday, 12/15 from 6-8pm
January: Wednesday, 1/19 from 6-8pm
March: Wednesday, 3/16 from 6-8pm
April: Wednesday, 4/13 from 6-8pm

Monday evenings from 6-7:15pm September 27 -October 25

Monday evenings from 6-7:15pm January 31 – February 28

September 26
October 24
November 21
December 19
January 23
February 20
March 20

What if I have to miss a class?

Each segment of this training will be recorded, allowing you to watch the missed session after the fact. Additional written work or private sessions (payable at the current rate) will be assigned to complete and confirm your understanding of missed material. Write-ups on missed segments are due within one week, unless other arrangements are made.

If you miss a Teaching Practice session, it is necessary for you to make-up that time in a 30-minute private session ($50) with a course instructor. It is your responsibility to schedule that session before the next module.

What hours are required for the course, outside of weekend modules?

There are seven weekend modules, once per month for seven months. In addition, trainees are required to complete:

Anatomy & Asana Labs once per month

Yamas & Niyamas series

  • 30 classes at blue lotus (to include 7 Sunday Sadhanas)
  • karma yoga project
  • seven class observation logs
  • monthly reading and writing assignments

Total program hours exceed Yoga Alliance requirements in all categories.

What is a typical weekend module schedule?

Regular weekend modules (October – April) are Saturday and Sunday 9am – 4pm with a lunch break from 12-1.

How much does it cost, and what is included?

Nonrefundable Course Deposit: $400 with application
Course Fee: $2400 (including deposit) if paid by September 1

Payment Plan: $2800 (including deposit) ($400/month August – February)

WHAT IS INCLUDED: course orientation; seven weekend modules; six anatomy & asana labs; 5-week series on The Yamas; 5-week series on The Niyamas; course manual, 7 Sunday Sadhanas + 23 additional classes at blue lotus; library recorded lessons on asana technique, sequencing and teaching methodology; and more.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: books on the reading list are not included in the course fee. Final teaching assessment for those interested in pursuing RYT200 status ($215) is also not included in course fee. Private instruction and/or make-up hours are not included. Additional classes over and above those included are available at a discounted price.

Are there any discounts available?

At this time, there are no discounts for our ONLINE teacher training programs. Please check back for future availability.

What is the assessment process?

In order to graduate from the program, the following items must be complete:
o perfect attendance (or hours made up) and active participation in all weekend modules, anatomy and asana labs, and the Yama and Niyamas series
o 7 Sadhanas + 23 additional classes at blue lotus (one per week)
o karma yoga project
o seven class observation logs
o satisfactory completion of written assignments
o completion of personal practice log, in which you are to journal your daily practice for seven months
o passing grade on written exams

Those seeking Yoga Alliance certification also must complete a final teaching assessment, not included in the course fee. Fee for this assessment is $215.
o Final teaching practice, based on five criteria:

1. Teaching skills (effective use of voice, demo, connection to students)
2. Verbal assists (appropriate and effective use)
3. Language (verbal cues, clarity of instruction)
4. Posture details (demonstrate understanding of proper alignment, key actions, benefits and contraindications of postures taught)
5. Safety (In all areas, from providing accurate information to offering appropriate modifications, to attending to immediate needs of students in the classroom)

What do I receive at the end?

Successful completion of all aspects of the program entitles you to a graduation certificate, with which you may apply to Yoga Alliance for registration as Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at the 200-hour level.

What is the refund policy?

Course deposit of $400 is nonrefundable. Withdrawal from the course prior to September 1, results in a refund of tuition paid, less nonrefundable deposit and a $250 administration charge. Without exception, there are no refunds after September 1. If you have uncertainty about the intensity of the course or time commitment involved, please talk to us before registering for the program.

Can I attend if I am not from the Triangle area?

Absolutely! Every aspect of this training is conducted on the Zoom virtual platform. We welcome you to join us from anywhere!

How demanding is the training?

Even if there were no outside readings, assignments, class attendance or teaching to be completed, committing to a seven-month program of self-study is an intense experience. Dedicating yourself to a daily practice, regular study, class attendance, and an entire weekend every month is no small endeavor and should not be undertaken lightly. If you have undergone a personal tragedy in the past six months to a year, we strongly suggest postponing training until next year.

How do I know if my physical yoga practice is “good enough” for teacher training?

Our program is open to a wide range of physical capacities, and we do not define advanced yoga practice by your ability to perform complex yoga postures. We do require a year of Vinyasa experience to make sure that our trainees are familiar with the fundamental yoga postures and the elements in a flow style yoga class, but you are not required to master any particular pose as part of your training. That being said, there will be challenging Vinyasa practices offered throughout the training, as well as extended sessions of seated meditation. We ask our trainees to honor any physical limitations, modify their physical practice when needed, and seek guidance when they are uncertain about how to do so. If you have significant physical limitations or other concerns about the physical aspects of the training, please talk to us.

What will I learn in the course?

Like most endeavors, you will get as much out of the course as you invest into it. Our intention behind offering this yoga immersion and teacher training program runs much deeper than teaching a series of physical poses; for at its core, yoga is a way to help you reach your fullest potential. Through the process of deep and honest self-study, discipline, and surrender, we expand our minds and hearts. Precepts of the program are creating community, developing self-awareness, and living authentically, not just learning how to teach Warrior 1. For this reason, it is wise for you to be clear about your intention for embarking on the journey. Practically speaking, you will:

• cultivate self-care and create a balanced home practice
• study asana, as well as pranayama, meditation techniques, and chanting/use of mantra
• understand the art and science of sequencing poses for safety and optimal energetic flow
• explore practical anatomy & physiology (including alignment, pose modifications, and posture assisting) as well as energetic anatomy
• study the philosophy of yoga, according to Patanjali, as a guideline for living a full and joyful life
• experience extended practice sessions and recap with course instructors
• explore and learn the importance of good studentship and concentrated practice

I don’t want to teach yoga, is this the right program for me?

Many yoga practitioners enter yoga trainings with no intention of teaching, for it is an opportunity to deepen and broaden your knowledge and experience yoga in a way you simply cannot do in regular classes.

This course was designed to offer you the theoretical and practical knowledge base for you to be able to teach yoga, as well as provide information and skills to make you a stronger, more flexible, and more compassionate human being. Whether you choose to teach or not, the positive effects of that growth will spill over into all aspects of your life. So, whether you aspire to teach yoga, already teach and want to refine your skills, or simply want to immerse yourself in the practice, you can find what you are looking for in this program.

What do past graduates have to say about the program?

Read what our graduates have to say on Yoga Alliance.

Have more questions? Please contact Kathleen at blue lotus!