who we are

When we opened our door in February 2007 as the first yoga studio in downtown Raleigh, it was with two solid pillars of intention that have supported and guided us ever since. First, it was our deepest desire to create community — a place where people would gather and get to know each other, build lasting relationships, and serve our broader community. Second, with explosive growth on our city’s horizon, it was time to create a center for learning, which would over time become a beacon of excellence in the Southeast for continuing study of yoga. Both have flourished beyond our wildest imaginings.

While we closed that door for the last time in March 2020 during the COVID pandemic, both the community and teachings live on, as we’ve transitioned to a virtual studio space that is safe and accessible for everyone, no matter where you are.

do no harm

One of the central ethical teachings of yoga is ahimsa, practicing non-violence — doing the least amount of harm. At blue lotus, it also means treading lightly on the Earth. For this reason, we created a “green” yoga studio from the beginning. It seemed an organic part of the practice, and we jumped at the opportunity to lead by example the much-needed paradigm shift toward environmental sensitivity.

Minimizing environmental impact and energy conservation shaped the design of the studio at its inception and we continue to advocate for our beautiful planet today. Each of our staff members is dedicated to reducing her footprint on the planet, and we hope you will consider making better choices as well. We believe these small contributions add up to big changes and greater awareness and action in the global community.

the intersection of yoga & social justice

The time of reckoning has finally come for all of America- white America in particular- to recognize the part we have played in systems of oppression, exclusion and injustice. It is as present in the yoga community as anywhere else.

At blue lotus, we are all committed to doing the inner work to root out racism in our own lives and families, unpack the privilege of being born with white skin, and reflect on the ways we have benefitted from white supremacy. As we educate ourselves and lean into right speech and action to move toward inclusion and equality, we are also committed to actively uplifting and supporting people of color with our voices, votes and dollars.

giving back

It is our intention to educate ourselves, raise awareness, and do good work in our community. As part of our own karma yoga, blue lotus donates a percentage of all sales to local and national non-profit organizations each year and regularly host fundraisers to support those on the ground working for justice and equality.


To offer each student the best experience possible, blue lotus requests all students follow the guidelines below.

We understand extenuating circumstances. Please bring specific issues to the attention of our staff.