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blue lotus offers a range of classes for different levels of experience. This selection creates the foundation of any practice by providing a stable base for beginners, as well as a safe space for continuing students to explore the depth of yoga.

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blue lotus offers a wide range of classes for all levels of experience. This broad selection creates the foundation of any practice by providing a stable base for beginners, as well as a safe space for continuing students to explore the depth of yoga.

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The following classes are offered on our regular, weekly schedule. All online classes come with a week of access to the class recording.


All levels vinyasa is is a mixed-level class featuring an energetic, flowing series of interconnected postures synchronized with the breath. Every class is different, and each teacher brings a unique style to the space. Every practice is intended to be a complete experience, leaving you centered, grounded, refreshed. This class is open to all experiences and levels.

deep stretch

Explore longer holds in poses to dive into the less elastic spaces in your body. This practice has a rehabilitative effect on the joints, especially the hips, as well as the lower back and cervical spine, and is created to uncover the flexibility that gives us a sense of ease and lightness in our bodies. Deep Stretch is a wonderful way to step outside of the daily rigors of life and journey to a deep state of relaxation. The class is appropriate for all levels.

guided flow

Slide into your weekend with mindful movement that soothes what needs soothing and energizes what needs energizing. Let go of “getting it done” and “getting it right” and dive into exploration. This class guides you through a carefully sequenced series of postural and breath practices that allows for lots of room to make the flow your own. Turn it up, turn it down as you like — this class is accessible to any level of practitioner. The main challenge is tuning in. Instead of doing the practice, what if you allow the practice to do you?

guided meditation

Pause to sit, breathe, and call in wholeness and connection for all beings. This practice will have no movement component and all are welcome.

lunchtime flow

Fight the mid-afternoon slump with this revitalizing midday practice. The perfect combination of movement and breath, this 60-minute class will reinvigorate your body and mind. Open to all levels, we will incorporate some flow, some stretch, and some relaxation to reset your whole being for a calm and productive afternoon.

yoga nidra

This practice is the anti-hustle. ¬†Engage with (and experience the benefits of) constructive rest. You’ll get pre-recorded content that will give you context for the live practices, which begin with gentle movement and then glide into the guided relaxation practice often called yoga nidra. The slow and gentle physical practice sets the stage for a meditative exploration of the inner landscape. Release muscle tension and fatigue, build resilience in your nervous system — take a journey inward to nourish, refresh, and restore your soul. This class is like giving yourself a big, warm hug.

especially for beginners

We want to help your practice grow by consistently offering new options to explore the breadth and depth of yoga. We offer beginner level on demand videos ready to purchase and start at anytime.

online video collection | beginner yoga series

Beginning a yoga practice is an investment in your most valuable relationship: the relationship you have with yourself. This series offers you a guided tour of what a yoga practice looks and feels like.

Through this six video collection you’ll spend some time with Jen and Kathleen exploring the fundamentals of a physical yoga practice. These videos walk you through some of the most common yoga postures and sequences, so that you’ll be more comfortable moving into other yoga classes. You’ll get the benefit of two teacher’s perspectives on posture alignment, breathing techniques, and everyone’s favorite posture: savasana, the final relaxation!

You’ll have access to these videos for 30 days after your purchase, during which time you’ll also be invited to join Kathleen’s online yoga classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, which you can attend live or via recording.

Dive in with us and discover what yoga can bring to your life!

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