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blue lotus offers a wide range of classes for all levels of experience. This broad selection creates the foundation of any practice by providing a stable base for beginners, as well as a safe space for continuing students to explore the depth of yoga.

vinyasa classes
other regular classes
special class offerings

blue lotus offers a wide range of classes for all levels of experience. This broad selection creates the foundation of any practice by providing a stable base for beginners, as well as a safe space for continuing students to explore the depth of yoga.

vinyasa classes
other regular classes
special class offerings

vinyasa classes

Vinyasa, also called “flow yoga,” is a dynamic and evolving style of yoga, wherein the breath leads the body through movement. This open system encourages exploration and creativity, while generating internal heat and intense focus. Expand on classic forms in a safe and supportive environment, and learn to shift from the outside world into a moving meditation. You will build strength and flexibility while you heal and revitalize mind, body, and spirit.

The following vinyasa classes are offered on our regular, weekly schedule.

level 1 vinyasa

Vinyasa~ L1 is a great place to start for those new to the style, or anyone who loves the flow but desires a more mellow-paced class. Principles of proper alignment, breathing, and mindfulness are the focus. This is also a great class for more experienced students to get a “yoga tune-up” and go deeper into the foundation of the practice.

open level vinyasa

Vinyasa~ Open is a mixed-level class featuring an energetic, flowing series of interconnected postures synchronized with the breath. Every class is different, and each teacher brings a unique style to the space. Every practice is intended to be a complete experience, leaving you centered, grounded, refreshed. A few L1 Vinyasa classes or Yoga Foundations is recommended before attending, for your safety and enjoyment.

advanced practice

Expand your physical practice in this 75-minute Level 2/3 journey of Prana Vinyasa Flow. Each week we build up to a new peak pose to open and challenge your body and mind. This practice is for students with an established practice who have a solid understanding of the basic poses of Vinyasa yoga, allowing us time to dive into more advanced postures.

early bird yoga

Wake up – the natural way! This fun and invigorating one-hour yoga class is the perfect way to get going in the morning. Not only will you wake up easier and faster, but you’ll leave class feeling energized, relaxed, focused and expansive with vitality and energy to last your entire day.

heated flow

Heated Flow is taught in a warm, but not hot, 80-85 degree room wherein you will experience inventive sequences of postures, compassionately taught. This practice is designed to bring awareness into every cell of the body, as you are guided by deep and steady breath to ignite a profound understanding of the body, mind, and heart. Prepare to sweat, gain strength, and release tension. While some previous yoga experience is recommended for Heated Flow, all are welcome.

lunchtime flow

Fight the mid-afternoon slump with this revitalizing midday practice. The perfect combination of movement and breath, this 60-minute class will reinvigorate your body and mind. Open to all levels, we will incorporate some flow, some stretch, and some relaxation to reset your whole being for a calm and productive afternoon.

slow flow

Take the pace down a notch and find out why slow is the new advanced! While we will move at a slower pace, you’ll still experience a flowing sequence of postures designed to build strength, stability, flexibility and focused awareness. Take an hour to turn your attention to your breath and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit with this smooth and steady practice.

other regular classes

In addition to Vinyasa classes, our regular schedule includes class offerings that give you an opportunity to explore different types of yoga as well as classes that blend a flow with other yoga styles.

To view the full schedule of classes, visit our WebScheduler.

deep stretch

Explore longer holds in poses to dive into the less elastic spaces in your body. This practice has a rehabilitative effect on the joints, especially the hips, as well as the lower back and cervical spine, and is created to uncover the flexibility that gives us a sense of ease and lightness in our bodies. Deep Stretch is a wonderful way to step outside of the daily rigors of life and journey to a deep state of relaxation. The class is appropriate for all levels.

flow & stretch

Flow & Stretch is the perfect way to connect movement and breath. After a delicious warm-up, you will be guided through a flow of standing yoga postures to prepare the body, and then move to the floor for deeper stretches. Walk in tight and tired, and walk out open and refreshed. This is an open level class. All are welcome!

gentle yoga

This class offers a gentle approach to yoga with special attention to modifications for specific limitations. The pace is a little slower than other classes, making it perfect for those who are new to yoga, have physical limitations, or desire a calming practice. If you are recovering from an injury, surgery, cancer treatments–or if you just need a class to balance vigorous activities–gentle yoga is just right for you! We will work on building strength, balance and flexibility in a format that will support you and meet your needs.

restorative yoga

A great antidote to the stresses of a busy life and a wonderful balance for more active practices, this class is a simple sequence of restful postures, in which you are supported by props and encouraged to find comfort and ease in your body. These poses, accompanied by simple breathing techniques and gentle stretches, serve to soothe the nervous system and promote relaxation and deep healing on all levels. Restorative Yoga is accessible for everyone, regardless of experience or level of fitness. More than any other, it is an excellent practice for those recovering from illness or injury, or anyone living with chronic pain. Be still, relax, and find the healing you need.

strength & stability

Many long-time practitioners realize that yoga is not just about flexibility. In fact, cultivating stability is often the beginning of creating ease and freedom in your body and your yoga practice. Class includes synchronized movement designed to build muscular stability and integrity, and often features myofascial techniques to offer relief to tight and tense areas. Each practice you will leave your mat with a better understanding of anatomy and greater full-body awareness.

yin yoga

One of the primary objectives in yoga is our search for balance. Whether you regularly enjoy a yoga practice or athletic endeavor that is active and vigorous or your daily life is full of stress, Yin Yoga is a great way to create balance in your body and in your life. You will not leave the floor during this class and poses are held for longer periods of time to facilitate deeper openings in the body and mind.

special class offerings

We want to help your practice grow by consistently offering new options to explore the breadth and depth of yoga. This is just a small selection of classes that we offer on a rotating basis. Please check the WebScheduler for the next opportunity to enjoy these and other special offerings.

community yoga (free!)

Enjoy a free class and support our teachers-in-training! Instructors are currently enrolled in 9 Months of Transformation, the blue lotus yoga immersion and teacher training program or Cultivating Skill in Action, our 300-hour training program. Space is limited, so please register on the WebScheduler in advance. Classes are open to all levels.


Kirtan is a musical offering of love and devotion practiced in community. In this tradition, we use call and response chanting in Sanskrit- the ancient language of the yogis- to drop out of our heads, into our hearts, and engage in the divine dialogue that has taken place through mantra for thousands of years. Come to share your voice or just to listen. This practice is always offered by donation for charity.

kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga strengthens your body and increases your energy while lifting your spirit. Meditation deeps your experience of the present moment and reconnects you with your own sense of inner peace and joy. Regenerate your mind, body and spirit. Come away relaxed, renewed and radiant.


Sadhana, or spiritual practice, is central to Yoga  it is in essence, the practice itself. This 2-hour class is not about fancy poses, rather it’s a celebration of community; the ritual of moving, breathing and creating sound together. Sadhana is intention in action: raising our individual vibration so we can spread it out into the world. At least one year of consistent vinyasa practice is recommended.

yoga foundations

If you are new to yoga, this is the perfect place to start. While we recommend that you participate in the full six-week series to enjoy the full benefits (find the next session dates here!) you are always welcome to drop in for a single class to check it out. These classes provide beginners an understanding of the breath, how it links movement, and correct structural alignment in basic poses, including appropriate modifications to suit the individual.

yoga foundations II

As with Yoga Foundations, we recommend that you participate in the four-week series (find the next session dates here!) to make the most of the experience. However, we welcome you to drop in for a single class to check it out. While this class was designed for beginners, practitioners of any level are invited to attend and get a refresher or deepen their understanding of alignment and breath.

yoga nidra

Class begins with slow, gentle movement and ends with Yoga Nidra, an extended guided deep relaxation technique including breath work and visualization to help release subtle tensions held in the subconscious. Restore and renew your whole being through this practice of profound rest.