February is not the month for ponderings, questions or notions. February is the month for celebration, reflection and gratitude. Because February is Blueversary, and this month we celebrate fifteen years of yoga and community.

It’s been quite a ride, and for every bit that I never imagined having a yoga studio, I definitely never conceived of a virtual yoga school. It’s kind of crazy. And, also, pretty amazing.

Those of you who didn’t find your way back to us on screen, we miss you, and we are always here. We send blessings to you wherever you are and hope you are doing the practice, in the way that feels meaningful to you. Those of you who followed us into the virtual realm and the many of you who rediscovered and returned to us having left Raleigh long ago: to say that we are profoundly grateful is inadequate to express the depths of appreciation and admiration we have for you.

It’s not the same as it was at 401 N West Street. I get it more than anyone. But what we taught all of those years- that you need to take this practice off the mat and out of the studio- has come home to roost. Literally. All of those years we taught that you need to find a way to unroll your mat at home and make the practice part of your life, fitting it into the chaos and messiness and isolation and busyness— to make it a priority— well, you did it. And we got to come with you.

We still love seeing your furry ones and littles running through the room and taking over your mat. We love to see you in your own space- and now we get to follow you as well- whether it’s around your house or on your travels. We love to be on this journey with you and are excited and honored by the commitment you’ve made and the depths of study we are enjoying together.

The old way is gone. And as our beloved Kathleen said to me earlier this week, there were a lot of things about the old way that were very broken. Though we were forced into the new way, here we are. And still we are together.

While we are still building, growing, improvising, trying out, keeping, discarding and generally finding our way on this new path, we are doing so with hope. 

Look at how far we’ve come. Imagine what we still can do.

Whether you’ve been with us for fifteen years or just joined us this month, thank you. Whether we see you weekly or haven’t seen you in years, thank you. 

To all the teachers current and past who were and are part of making, shaping, building, caring for and tending this sweet community, my deepest heartfelt thanks.

Be good to yourselves and be good to each other as we take another step into the unknown.

We have always been, and will always be better together.

Happy Blueversary, friends.