Every second counts

by Jill Sockman

I spent the entire day yesterday watching college football.  It’s an occasional indulgence, mostly at the holidays and generally always with family. I was indoctrinated at an early age (or perhaps am genetically predisposed), and it’s more of an addiction than just a family tradition.  Anyway, it was fun to be a part of game day, Sockmans across the country screaming at the television.

After the Big Game (go Bucks!!) I morphed into my chair and watched another rivalry:  Alabama vs. Auburn. If you missed it, you missed something really incredible – and I don’t think you need to know about football or care about college sports at all to appreciate it. It made no difference to me whatsoever who won that game. But it was a remarkable illustration that every second counts, don’t give up, and you just never know what is going to happen.

It was looking like game-over for Auburn. You’d never have known from the fighting spirit of the players, but time was running out. A touchdown toward the end of the 4th quarter tied the game – OT was inevitable. A long review of the last play of regulation showed Alabama had stepped out of bounds with one second left on the clock. One second? What’s the point? All the same, one second on the clock, please.

So, with one second on the clock, Alabama decided to try for a field goal – a 56-yard long-shot. Why not go for it, right? Nothing to lose. Well, the kick was short, Auburn caught the ball in the end zone, and proceeded to run 108 yards for a touchdown and a win. That one second changed everything. It was the most amazing sporting moment I’ve witnessed.

I have no idea what my point is here. But I just can’t get this “fantastic finish” out of my mind. There’s something about the inevitable not being inevitable.  The impossible becoming possible. One second changing everything. I was moved, inspired, amazed.  And I’m pretty sure there’s something in there for all of us to savor…  If you figure out exactly what that is, let me know. 🙂