Last night in Vinyasa ~ L2…

I get these great messages from you all on a daily basis. And this
one I just had to share. Anyone who was in class last night will
surely appreciate:

Wanna hear something funny? This week in my home practice I
wanted to see what would happen if I practiced a most-hated pose,
which is Vira III. Hate it especially when the arms are stretched out.
Any balance pose is hard for me since I gave up contacts and practice
half-blind, add the ridiculously anti-gravity arm position, the foot that
wants to sickle, tight hamstrings….the only thing worse is ardha

So what do you offer me in the midst of my experiment? A veritable
TRIFECTA of most-hated poses. Not only Vira III but Hanumanasana
and Agnistambhasana to boot! (what was that caturanga business…
I’m not even going there.)
Of course! More information for my experiment!!!

Thank you dear neighbor, friend, and teacher for always offering some
jewel or two…whether beloved or not….it’s always good. 🙂

shanti shanti,

I am sharing this with you because it is such a great reminder that
whatever we need to learn is almost always right before our eyes,
right in front of us, in plain view. And even the things we like least-
on or off the mat- contain invaluable lessons, when we can show up,
pay attention, and do the work.

Thanks for sharing the journey…