The Possibilities

by Anisha Desai Fraser

Over Memorial Day, my husband was taking me on a surprise adventure. The weekend started out pretty trying, with a six-hour drive filled with hail, strong winds and thunderstorms. The B&B was not as luxurious as he wanted, we felt isolated, and we thought it was going to pour rain all weekend. I immediately went to disappointment and sadness with this idea that “the weekend is ruined,” and my husband went into his own negativity, which was more of the same. We were set on leaving the next day to return home because it turned into something we were going to have to “get through.” The next day the sun came out, and we realized we were minutes away from this great mountain town with lots of outdoor adventures, and we ended up having one of the most perfect weekends filled with horseback riding, tubing and wine tours!

Lesson learned AGAIN: When I start judging without seeing the whole picture, I’m not open to all the possibilities that are really there, and that closing down jennifer aniston pokies can start attracting more of that negative energy. It begins with our thoughts and what we start believing is going to happen. As we were able to shift our attitude on the inside to even the possibility of something fun, the weekend took a turn, and we started attracting more and more romance and fun.

I know you’re probably wondering “what does this have to do with yoga?” Well, have you ever thought to yourself on the mat, “I can’t do this, I’ll never be able to, I’m just not like everyone else.?” I know I have. So what if you could take a step back on the inside in that moment on your mat and open to the possibility of you as a whole and what’s really there? What is another conversation you could have with yourself? It’s never about the pose, but what gets stirred while we’re in the pose. Sometimes we only see a situation in one way, and often it’s negative. It starts with our thoughts, and our thoughts create our reality.

From My Heart,