Uniting Yoga and Qi Gong for a Transcending Experience

by Anisha Desai Fraser

Pan Gu Yoga is a system of yoga that uniquely blends the deep principles of Pan Gu Mystical Qi Gong with the essence of yoga. Both paths share a common purpose, to discover the profound relationship between man, nature, and the universe and to be in union with Grace, with Divine Spirit, sharing that Compassion and Kindness with others. The light, energy, and healing principles of Qi Gong are infused within the movement and breath of a simple yet powerful yoga practice, grounded in love and kindness.

This weekend (January 28), we’re offering a Pan Gu Yoga workshop instructed by Anisha Desai, our lovely and wonderful yogini of Monday night’s Flow & Stretch. Anisha co-created this form with her teacher, Master Ou Wen Wei, in hopes of bringing this profound practice and energy to more people around the world. The healing benefits of Pan Gu Yoga include a strong internal body, the regulation of muscles and tendons, a healthy immune system, a clear, calm, and focused mind, balanced emotions, a balanced nervous system, cultivation of spirit, and transformation of heart and soul. The effects of this yoga are cumulative, building a reservoir of peaceful vitality, and continuously strengthening your Divine connection each time you practice.

In the words of Master Ou, “in this practice, your body touches the earth in several ways, but your spirit transcends.”

And in the words of our students who took this workshop when Anisha first offered it:

“I’m not sure I can adequately express in words the effect Sunday’s Pan Gu Yoga session had on me.  I went into the workshop with a love of yoga and an open mind.  I am embarrassed now to say even though my mind was open,  there was an underlying doubt due to my lack of experience and understanding of Qi Gong. … During the session I enjoyed the yoga  flow intermingled with the mantra “passcodes” (as you described them), those wonderful verbal reminders that brought us back to purpose and recentered us. The whole body breathing gave me a new visualization for yogic breath, and I will enjoy continuing to practice it.   …  Settling into the relaxation of Savasana,  there were the usual twitters of thought that gave way to the overall feeling of centered peace.  Suddenly I felt a wave of energy crash over me.  It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, and I was so overwhelmed my hands trembled slightly and I felt an anxiety in my chest.  I felt it’s weight for a brief time, and then like water to a sponge I felt it become a part of me and the anxiety subsided.   The thought came to me that I am a conduit for this beautiful energy.  This followed by the thought that  if I can find some way to pass this energy along to others, I would know the joy of purposeful service in life. The experience was so powerful it brought me to tears on my way home! … I am writing to you first to thank you for taking the time to create Pan Gu Yoga!   For Sunday’s experience alone I am humbled and grateful.  It opened my eyes in a very unique way.”

— Amee Young


“I would like to share with you my phenomenal experience with Pan Gu Yoga. … Something quite unique happened later that afternoon (after the class). The weather was lovely, so I took my German Shepherd ,Betty, for a walk around a busy city park and I felt like I was floating and my dog was right there with me. We were completely connected to each other; she and I glided about without a care in the world. She was off of her leash yet stayed right at my side all the while other people complimented me on my beautiful and well behaved dog. I just smiled and thanked them all the while thinking I know she’s lovely isn’t everything lovely? What a blissful day …. probably one of the best days of my life!

Since that day, I try very hard to remember to incorporate Pan Gu Yoga into my weekly Qi Gong practice. The more I do it, the more confident and happy I
become. … I’ve had severe rheumatoid arthritis since the spring of 2004. Before that I loved taking yoga classes but my practice fell off after the arthritis invaded my knees, ankles, wrists, neck, jaw, and shoulders. Losing yoga was only one loss of many as I watched my active and productive life slip from my reach.  In 2011, I found Pan Gu Shengong, which has helped me tremendously, and now Pan Gu Yoga has brought me back to helping animals as I am working on opening my own dog training business in 2012. I am floored that I have regained the physical strength and health to come back to a passion that I thought I had lost forever. Thankful beyond words … Thank you Anisha and Master Ou!!!!”

— Cristen Harriss