Why yoga?

by Suzanne Weiner

“Suzanne, why do you do yoga?”

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this I would be really rich. REALLY rich. I have come to believe that the people who ask are the ones who are looking for one of two things. They genuinely hope I will say something so profound they will immediately see the light and understand what brings me to the practice. Otherwise, they hope I might say something that sounds so outrageous they will laugh and be able to place me in the category of “that strange yoga person.”

So what answer do I give?  I am sure that over the years I have given plenty of both types of answers, but these days I usually say, “It is a really personal practice and what I get from it matters to me.” It is that simple and that complex.

The practice is a commitment and may engender comments from those around you. Some will be good and some may not be so good.  Regardless, I am grateful for those who share the practice with me, because it means they are taking care of themselves.  My hope for you is that when you get asked THE question you can look the person in the eye and say, ” I do it because I matter.”