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Cultivating Skill in Action

blue lotus 300-hour training program requirements


Certification from this Training

Through this training, you will satisfy all Yoga Alliance requirements for certification at the 500-hour level (RYT500). Your contact hours will come through a variety of required and elective workshops; these hours are summarized in the chart below, and you can find more detail in the sections that follow.

Please note that hours for individual workshops may vary from year to year, so the hours in this list are approximate:

areas of study and certification hours

Initial teaching assessment and final teaching assessment: 4 hours
Required modules (14):  212 hours
Required mentorship:  18 hours
Required posture & assisting clinics: 16 hours
Elective modules: 50+ hours
Total contact hours:  300+

Many workshops will have optional additional hours you can collect by completing outside assignments.

View the current schedule.

If at any point you choose not to complete the 300-hour training for RYT 500 certification, all the hours you complete will count as continuing education credit for Yoga Alliance.

initial teaching assessment

Our 300-hour bridge program emphasizes a refinement of your teaching skills and methodology, as well as your personal practice and intentions as a teacher. Your registration fee ($240) includes your initial and final teaching assessments, in which you’ll teach a free class at blue lotus and receive personalized, constructive feedback on your current teaching skills. Each of these assessments counts as four credit hours. You’ll have one other required assessments during your required mentorship, and you may select to have additional assessments, which will count toward your elective hours.

required modules

The blue lotus advanced training 300-hour bridge program is open-format, meaning you can attend modules in any order, and may take as long as four (4) years to complete the requirements.  As of now, there are fourteen (14) required modules.  Each of these modules is offered every one to two years, with hours (currently) as detailed below:

Tradition and Sources of Yoga

  • Sanskrit: Deepen your understanding of the sacred language – and history – from which our modern yoga practice emerged.
  • Bhagavad Gita: Explore the context of the Gita and some of yoga’s mainstay concepts, such as dharma, karma, non-attachment, and Self.
  • Ayurveda: Dive into the ancient practices of self care and healing that make up yoga’s sister science.
  • Bhakti: Learn more about the devotional path of yoga through kirtan, ritual, and the deities of the yogic traditions.
  • Satsang: Finding Yourself in Community (14 hours): Connect with the concept of Sangha—the power and importance of having a community of like-minded individuals to support you on your path.

Teaching Methodology

  • Refine & Align (18 hours): Refine your sequencing and teaching methodology, and realign your intentions and actions as a practitioner and teacher of yoga.
  • The Art & Science of Teaching (13 hours): Improve your skills in body reading, modifying asanas for the individual, and teaching language.
  • Anatomy Essentials (15 hours): Deepen and expand your understanding of anatomy and biomechanics.
  • Restorative Yoga Training (40 hours): Learn the art of healing through restorative and gentle yoga, intentional touch, and guided imagery.
  • Finding Your Voice (12 hours): Connect with your voice, your truth, and your personal power.

Practice and Technique

  • Weekend of Reflection (14 hours): Refill your cup and delve into the internal world through silence, meditation, and restorative yoga.
  • Prana (11 hours): Explore the koshas, vayus, and kleshas, and learn techniques to enhance your connection to Prana.
  • Subtle Practices (12 hours): Learn the practice and theory of mudras, mantra, and yoga nidra, and how they affect the energetic body.
  • Chakras & the Emotional Body (15 hours): Learn how to apply chakra theory to teaching, personal practice, and self-expression.

required mentorship

Eighteen (18) of your contact hours will be a one-on-one mentorship with a blue lotus teacher. In this mentorship you’ll cover personal practice, teaching methodology, hands-on adjustments, and posture alignment. You will assist your mentor in at least six of his/her public classes, and you’ll also attend two two-hour workshops on hands-on adjustments and posture alignment. You’ll have at least two private sessions with your mentor, to cover personal practice and teaching methodology. Your mentor will also observe you teaching a public class and provide feedback on your teaching skills.

required posture clinics and hands-on assisting clinics

Four asana workshops and four hands-on assisting workshops, for a total of eight workshops, are offered each year and are required for all students enrolled in the 300-hour program. Each workshop provides two hours of credit.

optional modules and elective hours
The additional 50 hours you need for Yoga Alliance certification at the RYT500 hour level may be collected through workshops and optional weekend modules at blue lotus. You can choose the modules that most suit your areas of interest, or where your previous training may have been incomplete.

0ptional weekend workshops include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Holding Space
  • Thai Yoga Bodywork with Michael Sitzer
  • Yoga and 12-Step Recovery
  • Yoga Outreach Training with Connection Coalition
  • The Art of Creating a Yoga Class
  • The Business of Yoga
  • Teaching Soul
  • Restorative Training, Level II
  • Hathavidya with Will Duprey
  • What’s Next
  • Afternoon workshops covering:
    • Teaching Prenatal and Postnatal Students
    • Osteoporosis
    • Teaching Beginner Students

other ways to earn contact hours include:

  • Private study with approved E-RYT 500 instructor (up to 18 hours credit)
  • Trainer Position in the blue lotus YTT200 program (25 hours credit)
  • Pre-approved elective modules outside blue lotus (maximum of 12 hours)

For more information, please refer to our Advanced Training FAQ.

tracking your hours and partial attendance

You do not need to track your hours for workshops completed at blue lotus—we will do that for you. If you take an elective module outside blue lotus, you must track those hours and provide them to us.

To receive YTT300 credit, you must complete the weekend in its entirety, including required reading and assignments. Partial attendance is eligible for continuing education credit, but not 300-hour credit. If you cannot complete the whole weekend and are on track for YTT300, we recommend you wait until the next time that module is offered.

withdrawing from a workshop/refund policy

You will not receive a refund if you withdraw from any workshop or class at blue lotus. Studio credit can sometimes be offered if you cancel your registration well in advance of the workshop (each workshop will list restrictions on studio credit for cancelation). If you must withdraw from a workshop, you can cancel your registration through our online system—if you cancel early enough to be eligible for studio credit, you must contact Kathleen in order to claim that credit.

If a workshop is canceled by the studio, you will have the option to hold your registration as studio credit or to receive a refund via check.

additional requirements for RYT500 certification
For RYT500 Certification, you must complete these additional requirements:

  • 40-day practice journal — dedicated practice, completed over 40 consecutive days, of a specific mantra or meditation technique
  • Written logs (over a minimum of 18 months—forms are provided in this packet) for:
    • Asana practice – minimum of 30 minutes, 3 times per week
    • Meditation practice — minimum of 15 minutes, 5 times per week
    • Teaching public classes — 100 hours

completing your training and registering with Yoga Alliance

After you’ve completed your 300 contact hours, you will submit your written logs to Kathleen, who will then refer you to Jill for your final teaching assessment. Your final teaching assessment will cost $108, and you will receive written, constructive feedback on your teaching.

Upon successfully completing your final teaching assessment, Kathleen will provide you with a digital (PDF) file of your 300-hour certificate. Yoga Alliance requires you to upload this file when you want to change your registration to RYT 500. To register with Yoga Alliance, you’ll need to pay their registration upgrade fee (currently $50), and you’ll need to log at least 100 teaching hours on their database. More information on upgrading your registration can be found at yogaalliance.org.

more information

If you’d like to be placed on our mailing list for advanced training announcements, please provide your email on this simple form. For more information, please view the training schedulevisit our FAQ or email us.