jill sockman, E-RYT 500

Movement arts have always been a part of Jill’s life. Perhaps it all began when she was a wee girl, practicing her own form of acrobatics around the house — most often in an attempt to get the attention of her older brothers. Since then, the style and intention have changed dramatically, but the innate desire to physically express the energy of the life and Light within remains the same.

Now Jill’s art of choice is yoga, ranging from the soft and meditative to the sweaty and vigorous. With grace and compassion, she holds the space for yoga practitioners young and old — people from all walks of life — to uncover for themselves what has been lost along the way: strength of will, flexibility of character, clarity of mind, and contentment of heart. This is yoga for real life. Jill has been a student of meditation and yoga since the early 1990s, attaining RYT status in 2000 and E-RYT in 2006. She offers deep gratitude to all of the teachers who have profoundly influenced her practice and teaching: Gordon Sharpe, Warren Grossman, Suzanne Newton, and Rod Stryker.