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blue lotus

401 n. west street
raleigh, nc 27603


Google Map


The parking around the blue is much more crowded than it used to be, which can turn finding a parking spot into a pre-yoga test of your equanimity.

Here are a few tips on places you can park your car when you visit the blue, if all the spots for our building lots are taken (you can park in any of the three lots designated for 401 N. West Street). All of these options are just a few minutes’ or short block walk to the studio. Always remember to check for meters or no-parking signs:

  • West Street, along the two blocks in either direction from the studio
  • North Street, on either side of West Street and across Glenwood Ave
  • Tucker Street, across Glenwood Avenue
  • Glenwood Avenue (after 5:00 pm, the spots are all free!)
  • Harrington Street, near the railroad tracks and next to the West condominiums.

Also a few rules of thumb for general sanity: It’s always a good idea to give yourself extra time for parking whenever possible; don’t forget to take a deep breath or two; and call us if you think you might be a minute or two late. We’ll put a mat down for you!