Awake Your Soul

by Carrington Jackson

There is a line in the Mumford and Sons song,  Awake My Soul, that says:

“Where you invest your love, you invest your life.”

I came across a picture recently of someone who had this line tattooed on his arm. It struck me still and quiet for moments after I saw it. Not because it was a new idea or concept. It was so impactful because the meaning of the song was already inside me. And the reading of it on that person’s arm was the remembrance of it for my own life.

How much of your day is invested in what you truly love? How many of the conversations you have, the connections you make, the job that you do and the people you meet are rooted in the space of love? Not the romantic love, or the love you have for your kids or friends. But love without labels and conditions. The definition of love is, in my opinion, light and joy. Plain and simple.

Take note of where and how you invest your time today. And what’s the ratio of love vs. non-love interactions? It’s not to judge. It’s simply to assess where you are and if things need to shift in order for you to be the person you know yourself to be.

Awake Your Soul, friends.