Blueversary 11. Our 11th anniversary. The advent of our 12th year on N. West Street. I can’t really even get my head around it. That’s about a quarter of my life. More than 20,000 classes. 10 immersion and teacher training programs. Over $60,000 donated to charities. Support systems, transformations, breakthroughs, friendships, and an entire community grown in that big little room. It makes my head spin and my heart burst.

Unless you are tuning into this channel for the very first time, you know already that I believe we are each here for a reason. The divine spark of life that we are – that we came into this body with – has a blueprint. While blue lotus is what it is because of the dozens of teachers and thousands of students who have crossed the threshold and shared their hearts, it started from that divine spark. I had no idea what would come of it. It was a notion born from a little inspiration and a lot of turmoil, and has since been tended with love by the hearts and hands of many.

This community sings with light, with truth, with the practices of doing better, of being better, bigger, truer to what we were each made to be. And so my only questions for you this month are, are you bringing the fullness of who you are, the whispers of your soul, the light of your spirit, into this world to the fullest? What if what you have to offer is so much more than you could ever imagine?

Thank you for being a part of the blue, whether near or far. Thank you for your active participation which allows our teachers to do what they love. Thank you for showing up when it’s needed and staying when it’s hard. Thank you for taking the yoga out into your work, your families and the world.

I hope you’ll join us February 10-11 for two days of classes by donation to support A Place at the Table. It’s one small opportunity for us to give back to the broader community the abundance we have been given. Nobody in our city should be hungry. Everyone deserves a place at the table. Sign up for classes now – we are expecting a full house all weekend long.

Likewise, take a look at 40 Days of Yoga – a practice in self study, beginning February 14. It’s been designed by our entire staff to be a powerful way to connect to the practice, to your community, and the gifts that both offer. We welcome you to participate at any level.

Finally, eternal gratitude to our current teachers, as well as those who’ve come and gone. Thanks to the students of today and through eleven years of classes. Each of you has graced our space with your presence and left the sweat, tears and breath of truth that have all been essential contributions to our yoga home.