easing anxiety with yoga

February 29, 2016 in Blog

Easing Anxiety with Yoga: It’s not all in your head

by Barbara Vosk, PhD, RYT200

Why does yoga have such a positive impact on your physical and mental state?

Advances in medical and psychological research now provide a greater understanding of the “how” and “why” of yoga’s effects: yoga actually increases the production of certain brain chemicals associated with improved mood.

One recent study of mindfulness meditation showed that those who engaged in this practice had an increase in activity in the portions of the brain that process stress, as well as an improved ability to focus and an increased state of calm.Read the rest

Our one true constant – the breath

April 2, 2014 in Blog

Our one true constant – the breath

by Jill Sockman

I had a new experience this week as I tried my hand as human voodoo doll. I’m kidding (I think) but that’s a little bit what I felt like after my first breathesession of a technique (torture) called dry needling.

For the uninitiated, after the session, I described it this way: if you’ve ever had an acupuncturist hit an especially zing-y spot, multiply that sensation by 27 and then imagine her jabbing the spot over and over then carefully selecting a dozen more locations to do the same thing. Mid-treatment, I turned to my physical therapist and asked, rhetorically, how anyone could possibly tolerate this who didn’t know how to breathe.… Read the rest