Your natural state of joy

by Sandy Scherer

When was the last time you reveled in a big belly laugh? When something was tears-running-down-your-face can’t-breathe funny? It always feels so good! And it truly is wonderful medicine.

For some of us, it just doesn’t happen often enough. We live in a culture that values hard work and seriousness, and that’s a familiar place for me. Yes, I’ve reaped many benefits from that place. I also envy people who have what seems to be more balance — you know, the fun people! Maybe they know a secret I’m just now catching onto — The Natural State of a Human Being is Joy!

9697475-largeAnd it’s such a healthy state — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Kids are great at being in the natural state of joy — because they live in the moment. Somewhere along the way, many of us got caught up in the routine of life and its demands, and we lost sight of the fun. We get good at worrying and can’t see the truly exciting opportunities each and every single moment has to offer.

But it’s possible to get the joy back — to bring more balance into the joy / serious equation. It’s part of my journey and it may ring true for you or someone you know, too.

Start by naming five things you appreciate right now. They don’t have to be profound or grand. It could be your cup of tea or coffee. Are you smiling yet? You can expand this practice into an evening or morning ritual — of appreciating things that make you purely and truly happy. Over time, the heavier thoughts may make more room for lighter, happier ones. And before you know it, your joy shines from your very being — and it’s contagious in the very best of ways.