Fear or Faith?

by Jill Sockman

As you start each new part of your ongoing journey, (om gum ganapatayei namaha!) consider the road before you. Ultimately, I’d say there are only two options: The Path of Fear and The Path of Faith.two paths

The Path of Fear is haunted by our regrets and worries. It is laden with the obstacles of indecision and doubt. Its winding way distracts us, and leaves us with feelings of unworthiness and discontent. The Path of Faith is no less haunted. There are no fewer obstacles. It is every bit as windy and steep. The paths, I believe, look exactly the same. The difference is you.

You are equal to the size of your faith. And it’s a choice you make each and every day. Shraddha (Sanskrit for faith) isn’t a belief in something intangible, outside of yourself. Shraddha is the deep and abiding knowing that you have everything you need. The resources — acceptance, courage, peace, inspiration, discipline — are all already inside of you. And the lessons you need to learn — whatever they may be — are all around you, all of the time. You must only open your mind, heart and hands to welcome them in. What I need is what I have. What I have is what I need.

Choose to walk in the fear that you are not enough, that you’ll never get there, that it’s too hard, too long or too far away. Or walk in faith that this body, this mind, this job, this relationship, this life is exactly as it should be for you to become who you are meant to be.

It’s up to you.