Get clear on why you are here

by Jill Sockman

padma life vestLooking at a photo of Padma recently, I was reminded about how much time has passed so very quickly. (And I am wildly grateful that it isn’t a picture of me as I enjoy the compare-contrast.)  The Boo’s coat is lighter now, her face is mostly white, and the goofy puppy expression is something I only see from time to time instead of every day.  Where has the time gone?

I’m doing some new work these days around better understanding samskara (our patterns), recognizing where I am on the blueprint my soul arrived with, and making one active step closer to being in alignment with who I was meant to be. This process revolves around the notion that if I don’t choose my future, my past will do it for me. Yikes. Based on my compare-contrast study of grey hair and youthfulness, I don’t really want to waste any time. How about you?

Are you actively reviewing and revising the forces that drive your choices and behavior? Are you clear on who you are and why you’re here — and are you living in alignment with that Truth? Finally, what active steps are you taking every day to move you toward the realization of the life you truly want to live?

Just a little something for your Monday.