When Yoga Works

How content are you with things as they are?  If you’re at all like me, it depends very much on the day (and how connected I am to my practice). Generally speaking, I think I can say with confidence that the closer the external circumstances align with the internal “how things should be” compass, the happier we are, right?  Hmmm. So, what about the other 360 days of the year?

I have been both the recipient and sharer of this teaching on many occasions. The Yoga is working when we are content and at peace with life (on the inside and the outside) regardless of circumstance.  As I’ve been in a spell of not-as-I’d-like for a little while now, I’m working on a list to help me spend more time as a happy and content person and less time as a sour malcontent. Perhaps something here will be helpful the next time you’re choosing to make something other than lemonade with those lemons:

Be grateful – Whatever you have that you don’t want– or want and don’t have– remember that it could be a lot worse. The active practice of gratitude will forever be the greatest all-purpose lubricant for the gears of work, relationships and life in general.

All is change – Bad doesn’t last.  Neither does good.  Get over it. Get used to it. Get right with it. Breathe deeply and it shall eventually pass.

Accept, accept, accept – Yourself, the people around you, how you feel, how they feel, what is, what isn’t…  While “it is what it is” carries a dismissive tone, it’s true. Stop fighting, stop struggling, stop with the internal dialogue around how X situation would/could/should be so much better.  Chances are we’d kvetch about that, too.

Practice – My answer to pretty much every problem/question. Get on your mat and your cushion. Get connected to the source of your life and inspiration- that which is eternal and unchanging. It automatically resets your priorities and your attitude.

Mantra – All is well.  All is well.  All manner of things shall be well.