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Blueversary In Review

by Jill Sockman

What a fantastic weekend!
There are so many thank-yous to send around that I don’t quite know where to start. Organizing, publicizing and hosting three days of by-donation classes takes more effort that you might guess. So let me cut to the chase:

Thanks to the faces behind the front desk: they are often called “blue peeps” and they are always called indispensable. But this weekend they went above and beyond the call of duty, taking extra shifts to assist with registrations, donations and altercations! Thanks, Peeps! You’re the best.

Thanks to our team of blue lotus yoga instructors- the best yoga anywhere! Your willingness to offer your time, love and energy to share the gift of yoga for such a great cause is always inspiring. The light you share is both inspiring and essential…

Thanks to Kathleen Yount, our Studio Manager, who organized the instructors and classes, as well as the Peeps and peeply shifts. (As well as the multitude of other minutiae she organizes that I don’t even know about.) Oh yeah, and those cupcakes she bakes…

Thanks to Sandy Scherer, our Karmic Marketing Director, without whom blue lotus would perhaps never be found by the many people who eventually call it home. Her publicity and organizational efforts are never short of miraculous, and we’re so grateful for the many hours she so generously offers us to spread the word.

Thanks to all of the individuals and businesses who so generously offered gifts and gift certificates for the raffle, as well as those who took the time to solicit and collect those offerings.

Thanks to the folks at CORRAL for the amazing work they are doing with girls who might otherwise get lost in the system.

And most of all, thanks to YOU, the Blue Community, for coming out full force in support of a great cause. We are just $63 short of our $5000 goal, and I have no doubt that last bit will trickle in over the next 24 hours.

Take a look at a sample of photos from the weekend. There was a little something for everyone, and fun was had by all. Friday Flow to Potluck, Midnight to Partners, Kids to Kriya…we have so much, and what an amazing, inspirational display of generosity to see so much given back.
Blessings, all,

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Monday Night’s Playlist

by Anisha Desai Fraser

Since a number of students requested various songs, I’m happily posting Monday night’s Flow & Stretch playlist.

As you move through the weeks and months ahead, keep peace with yourself and any resolutions you may have made by practicing ahimsa. Be patient and kind and non-harming in the way you treat your own self as you continue on your journey.