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Service in the form of dana (generosity; the practice of giving) is nothing new to our community. This year we raised $6500 for MercyCorps efforts in Haiti. The year before we collected over $5000 for Nepal House. The list of organizations that we have supported since opening in 2007 is long: Raleigh Jaycees, Prevent Child Abuse NC, Interact, Save Darfur Coalition, just to name a few. And rallying this generous community to put some money where their hearts are is something we feel very good about, and we will continue to share opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways.… Read the rest

Did You Know?

June 18, 2010 in Blog

Did you know your yoga was GREEN?

We all love the blue.
There’s so very much to love!
But maybe you didn’t know that we are also green?

In case you missed it, here’s the link to a recent feature article
from Yoga Journal magazine about the trend towards “green” yoga. It even includes a few little tidbits about Raleigh’s favorite yoga studio.

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Last Night In Vinyasa ~ L2…

June 18, 2010 in Blog

Last night in Vinyasa ~ L2…

I get these great messages from you all on a daily basis. And this
one I just had to share. Anyone who was in class last night will
surely appreciate:

Wanna hear something funny? This week in my home practice I
wanted to see what would happen if I practiced a most-hated pose,
which is Vira III. Hate it especially when the arms are stretched out.
Any balance pose is hard for me since I gave up contacts and practice
half-blind, add the ridiculously anti-gravity arm position, the foot that
wants to sickle, tight hamstrings….the only thing worse is ardha
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